Hay and Grass Analysis for Horses

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Contemporary crops

The last 50 years there have been enormous changes in the way crops are grown. Also the plants themselves are altered through ‘selection’. If we compar analysis results frrom 50 years ago with now, we see that our food crops are much ‘emptyer and unbalanced’ in respect of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

The causes for this decline in quality are:
  • artificial fertilization
  • plowing and structural damage of the soil
  • one sided selection on frost resistance, production, sugar content
  • acidification
  • lack of organic matter
  • use of fungicides, pesticides, round up etc...

And the hay or grass used for horses?

The problems described about our food crops are also present in our contemporary food stuffs for horses.
If we compare contemporary hay with natural (herbal) hay, we see elevated iron, potassium, protein and sugar, while zinc, copper, magnesium and sodium ‘stay behind’.

Natural hay also has ‘sugars’, but it is balanced better, in such a way that the break down of carbohydrates goes more smoothly.

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