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Academy Holistic Horse Medicine

Educating horse owners who can independently support the health of their horse

At this moment there are many methods of "Natural Horsemanship" which engage the horse from his natural character. However, in this whole trend we miss often the thinking of "integrative health". The Horse Academy wants to give people a better understanding of health from a holistic perspective.

The application of natural principles in healthcare fulfills a lasting solution to disease problems. Holistic medicine blends perfectly with the principles of "Natural Horsemanship".

The central theme, where the Academy is all about, "sustainable health for all horses."

Since recently, it is possible to follow modules via  e-learning
  • Module 1: hoof and disease
  • Module 2: nutrition and disease
  • Module 3: herbs and their application
  • Module 4: disease and holistic approach
  • Module 5: trauma recovery and rehabilitation

More information........www.paardenacademie.nl

Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing!

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