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An added ration-calculation is also possible!

This more extended extra advice is based on horse-type, exercise, other feed stuff in order make it possible to improve your overall feeding management.

You can ask for this extra service with your application.

Cost : €40,- for one ration-calculation

All your information send to: application@horsehayanalysis.eu

Tailored feeding advice and ration calculation for your analysis, done by another institute

With us, do not have to consult a special nutrition expert. We give an advice, based on the analytic results. We indicate how the minerals are divided and how to balance. For instance how the Ca:P:Mg is and what minerals in what quantity have to be added to obtain optimum balance for your horse’s need. The same goes for the trace elements iron/manganese to balance with zinc and copper.

If you use a common analysis agency, you often need a nutrition expert separately. We are glad to help you with your results obtained from another institute.

Cost : €40,- for one trailored feeding advice and ration calculation

Please send all your information to : application@horsehayanalysis.eu

Example of Result and Advice

Analysis (pdf)

A tailored feeding advice(pdf)

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