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€ 85,- for analysis + customized nutrition advice,
Our analysis is based on the anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract of horses. This implies for instance a breakdown of sugars in: total, single, fructan and starch. The protein valuation is more substantiated, because we try to judge the protein quality by nitrate content.

The costs include also explanation and advice

The current analysis bureau will only give the data with a general indication and a wide 'normal' range. But it is not clear for the horse owner what further action is necessary. Normally he has to hire a nutritionist separately for this. 

With us you get next to the analysis a customized nutrition advice, based on your analysis result. It shows how the minerals are balanced, so for instance how the Ca: P: Mg is and what should be given extra. Regarding the trace elements it  is important to know how high iron or manganese are in comparison with zinc and copper.

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€ 40,- for an added ration-calculation is also possible!

This more extended extra advise is based on horse-type, exercise, other feed stuff in order make it possible to improve your overall feeding management.

You can ask for this extra service together with your application.

Cost : €40,- per one ration-calculation

Please send all your information to : application@horsehayanalysis.eu

€ 40,- for one tailored feeding advice and ration calculation for your analysis, done by another institute

With us, do not have to consult a special nutrition expert. We give an advice, based on the analytic results. We indicate how the minerals are divided and how to balance. For instance how the Ca:P:Mg is and what minerals in what quantity have to be added to obtain optimum balance for your horse’s need. The same goes for the trace elements iron/manganese to balance with zinc and copper.

But if you use a common analysis agency, you often need a nutrition expert separately. We are glad to help you with your results obtained from another institute.

Cost : €40,- for one tailored feeding advice and ration calculation

Please send all your information to : application@horsehayanalysis.eu

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